Aims & Scope

Welcome to the British Journal of Medical and Health Research (BJMHR), a dynamic, peer-reviewed journal , and multi-disciplinary medical journal designed to foster scientific information exchange on an international scale. Published monthly, BJMHR is committed to advancing global knowledge in various medical and paramedical field.

Journal Highlights:

  • Peer-reviewed for quality assurance and reliability.
  • Monthly publication for up-to-date access to cutting-edge research.
  • Facilitates scientific information exchange on an international platform.


Scientific Topics of Interest:  BJMHR covers a diverse range of scientific topics to ensure a comprehensive exploration of the medical field. Some areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Anatomy
  3. Forensic Medicine
  4. Pathology
  5. Community Medicine
  6. Microbiology
  7. Dental Sciences
  8. Pharmaceutical Science
  9. Nursing
  10. Pharmaceutics
  11. Industrial Pharmacy
  12. Pharmacognosy
  13. Toxicology
  14. Medicinal Chemistry
  15. Novel Analytical Methods for Drug Characterization
  16. Computational and Modeling Approaches to Drug Design
  17. Biomedical Experience
  18. Clinical Investigation
  19. Rational Drug Prescribing
  20. Pharmacoeconomics
  21. Biotechnology
  22. Nanotechnology
  23. Biopharmaceutics
  24. Physical Pharmacy