Archive : Volume - 2, Issue - 7, Month - July

1 Hereditary Immunity in Cancer

  • Sergey N Rumyantsev*

2 Septogard Syrup, a Multi herbal Formulation in the Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders in Children

  • Santanu Misra* ,
  • Arif Ansari

3 Assessment of Liver Enzymes, Zinc and Magnesium Levels in Homozygous Sickle Cell Disease Patients at Aljazeera State, Sudan

  • Ibrahim O Ahmed* ,
  • Omer F Idries

4 Evaluation of the Possible Antifibrotic effect of Aliskiren, Valsartan, Chloroquine, Zafirlukast and Colchicine on Liver Fibrosis Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride in Rats

  • Elhamy M El-Kholy* ,
  • Hussein M El-beltagi ,
  • Vivian Vivian Abdo ,
  • Fatma E Mostafa ,
  • Nabil M Aladeeb

5 Study of Significance of Sural Nerve Biopsy in Diagnostic Dilemma in Neuropathy from a Tertiary Care Referral Centre in Central India

  • Vijay K Nandmer* ,
  • Ajay K Nandmer

6 Relationship between Nurses Qualifications and their Roles in Prevention of High Blood Pressure in Primary Health Care Centers in Delta State

  • Ofili M Isioma*

7 Formulation & In-Vitro, Ex-Vivo Evaluation of Suppositories of Mebeverine Hydrochloride by Using Cocoa Butter Base

  • Pushpa B* ,
  • Divya Sruthi ,
  • G Swapna P ,
  • MNA Riaz